Knockout Hammer

19 March 2008

Using a conventional sledge hammer to knock out pins and bolts can literally be a hit and miss affair that can cause injuries to workers and damage to machinery.

Slide Sledge is described by UK and Scandinavia distributor Damar International Ltd as an accurate and heavy duty alternative to a sledge hammer. It is designed for use by one person to improve safety, reduce manpower and speed up work.

Force is directed to the point where it is required using linear hammer action delivered by a bar in a hardened restraining tube.

Interchangeable tips can be fitted for a range of tasks.

Four heavy duty Slide Sledge models are available, rated at 9, 13, 14 and 21 pounds (4, 5.9, 6.3 and 9.5 kg). Force can be increased using an additional weight screwed to the hammer bar. Other attachments allow the tool to be used in difficult and inaccessible places, for example, where an offset force is required. For more information see

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