Layher covers Winchester roof repair

31 December 2011

The temporary roofing system supplied by Layher Ltd. and installed by Modus Access UK Ltd. helped to

The temporary roofing system supplied by Layher Ltd. and installed by Modus Access UK Ltd. helped to provide vital weather protection during roof refurbishment of Winchester College New Hall

Modus Access UK has just completed a refurbishment project on the New Hall of Winchester College, after calling in temporary roofing specialists Layher to help protect a 17th century ceiling.

The project saw a unique use of scaffold and weather protection as work was carried out to replace the existing copper roof.

A flat roof area that was unable to support the loads associated with traditional scaffolding surrounded a large proportion of the building. Instead, Layher used a lightweight alternative to provide support around the building and fixed a temporary roofing system in a rolling, apex configuration, allowing for 60% of the refurbishment work to be carried out under a single rain-protected area. The temporary roof, which was mounted on nylon wheels on a scaffold track, was then rolled to the opposite end of the building for the project to be completed.

The three-month project saw the copper roof removed, timber repairs made, and insulation and a new zinc roof installed.

The Layher rolling roof installation in Winchester also benefited from the design of the company's Keder roofing system.

"The installation required no more than a lightweight scaffold framework, through which translucent Keder sheeting is pulled on a bay-by-bay basis during installation," explained Layher UK managing director Sean Pike.

"This results in a complete temporary roof area that can be moved as a single structure along the rail when the second phase needed to be covered - and which also allowed the advantages of natural light to be enjoyed. Because the design requires a significantly smaller number of standards than conventional scaffolding, loading transfer onto the flat roof area was minimised, while the number of tie-ins - important in a building of this heritage - was also reduced."

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