Making a big enough profit?

17 March 2008

The first Access50Financials – s undertaken for Access International by finance specialist Jeff Eisenberg – show that access rentals had a good 2006, with the top 50 companies reporting profits on average of over 7% of revenues (see summary table right). Average financial utilisation was 85% and average EBITDA was almost 33%.

Mr Eisenberg, who runs finance consultancy Claremont Consulting, said the figures would allow companies to assess their performance against the biggest in the business, and would help companies deal with banks and other financial institutions. “If thebank says ‘we can't lend more money for you to buy fleet, you already have an unacceptable level of debt’, it helps to be able to point to data that shows how you really compare against the rest of the industry.”

Mr Eisenberg will regularly update the figures in forthcoming issues of AI. See page 15 for his first full report.

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