Mammoet spends US$90 million

08 May 2008

Netherlands-based Mammoet has placed a record order for new cranes with Manitowoc.

The international heavy lifting, crane rental and specialized transport company will spend US$90 million on a mix of Manitowoc crawler and Grove mobile cranes. “It is the biggest single order we have given in the history of the company,” said Roderik van Seumeren, Mammoet CEO, pictured in dark shirt, with Eric Etchart, Manitowoc CEO.

The cranes will be Manitowoc 16000 and 21000 models and 60 Grove GMK telescopic mobile cranes from across the capacity range.

All the crawlers will be fully equipped with luffing fly jib and Max-Er attachment. Most will be for use in Europe but there is also demand from India, China Brazil and Australia. Deliveries for the machines is scheduled for 2009 and 2010.

“We feel that the market is so good. We see another two or three years of good work. Demand for energy is so huge,” van Seumeren commented.

Turnover at Mammoet is €600 million, van Seumeren said. The crane fleet is 1,300 telescopic mobiles and 350 crawlers.

The new cranes will be a mix of fleet expansion and replacement. Average age of the company's telescopic cranes is seven years. The fleet of specialized transport equipment includes 1,000 lines of self propelled modular transporter (SPMT) and there is another 500 lines on order.

Mammoet has 2,800 employees and van Seuemeren forecasts that this will be up to 4,000 by 2010.

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