Mammoet transports splitter vessel

By Christian Shelton14 January 2019

International heavy lift and transport specialist Mammoet transported a splitter vessel weighing more than 800 tons (725 tonnes) in Canada.


According to Mammoet, the 300-foot-long load was the biggest load to date to be moved on the highways of Alberta. It was moved from its construction site in Edmonton to Fort Saskatchewan – a distance of around 25 km. The journey took three days and the splitter was moved using six trucks for pushing and pulling, and two double-26 Scheuerle Intercombi trailer lines.


The splitter vessel will be used at the $3.5 billion Heartland petrochemical complex, owned by petroleum transportation, storage and natural gas liquids processing business Inter Pipeline. Once complete the complex will convert propane into polypropylene recyclable plastic pellets which will then be used to make items such as computers, medical equipment and food storage containers.



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