Manitowoc wind attachment taken by JPW

By Euan Youdale27 June 2011

Manitowoc 16000 with wind attachment

Manitowoc 16000 with wind attachment

JPW Riggers, based in New York State, USA has invested in Manitowoc's wind attachment for its 400 tonne capacity Model 16000 crawler crane.

The attachment increases capacity by up to 49%, said the manufacturer, and is designed specifically for the 440 US ton (400 tonne) Model 16000 to position components on the latest wind turbines.

JPW Riggers has already used the attachment to erect turbines in Maryland, and to help with maintenance work on a wind farm in Maine.

"The wind attachment not only increases capacity, it also represents significant financial savings for our customers. Without the wind attachment, we would need to send a secondary high-capacity crane, which means extra cost and logistics headaches," said David Schwalm, JPW Riggers executive vice president.

"Manitowoc's wind attachment eliminates all of that and allows us to complete the work with one crane. The rigging process is very simple and does not require any modifications to the base crane. It's no surprise that approximately 80% of our 2011 quotes [for crane rentals] specify the wind attachment," Schwalm added.

JPW Riggers has eight Manitowoc 16000s and four wind attachments. Lifting capabilities at shorter radii are the most improved when using the device and, at 59 feet (20 m) radius, the crane has a capacity advantage of 49% compared with a standard Manitowoc 16000. This allows it to install most 2.5 MW wind turbines on towers between 262 and 279 feet (87 and 93 m) tall.

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