Matilsa develops hi-tech education video

10 November 2008

Amancio Lebrero, sales & marketing director of Matilsa

Amancio Lebrero, sales & marketing director of Matilsa

Spanish aerial platform manufacturer Matilsa is developing a €100000 training video, with animation, to help rental companies and contractors educate their customers and staff.

The high quality, 'Pixar-style' video, developed for Matilsa by Zaragoza media company Bohemia, shows the different equipment types and how they are used on sites. An excerpt of the 30-40 minute video can be viewed by clicking on the link found to the right on this page.

"The idea is to explain everything about platforms", said Amancio Lebrero, sales and marketing director of Matilsa, and one of the family team of three brothers and two daughters who run the business, "To show what you can do and what you shouldn't do. Video is a very easy way of doing it."

He said the idea would be to sell the video to rental companies and contractors. The equipment in the video has not been branded Matilsa -- although the self-propelled booms are recognisably Matilsa, using the company's trademark outriggers. Mr Lebrero said it would be simple to rebrand for any other company.

The first versions of the video, to be completed over the next few months, will have a Spanish language commentary, although Mr Lebrero said other language versions were being considered.

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