May 2008 International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine editor's comment

04 March 2009

Alex Dahm

Alex Dahm

Internationalisation is a core theme in our industry and is often a topic in this column. It is a primary focus of the US-headquartered Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SC&RA), which had its Annual Conference last month in the US. Of the 650-plus attendees at the association's main event, 75 were from11 countries outside the US and the number from abroad is increasing.

A particularly contentious issue widely discussed during the conference, both at formal meetings and informally, was the proposed changes to the EN 13000 standard for mobile cranes regarding crane overloads and the rated capacity indicator. (IC March 2008, EN 13000 and the rated capacity limiter, p8).

The proposal applies to new cranes and is to replace the existing key that overrides all cut off functions of the rated capacity limiter with a set up button. The button will allow the crane to be rigged and de-rigged but, in operation, no override of the rated capacity limiter will be possible.

There is a view, notably in the US, that this change would be unsafe and potentially dangerous. On behalf of its members the SC&RA opposed it and set up a task force to help resolve the issue. It is the SC&RA's position that the new system would be unsafe and would create problems in operation.

The plan is to work together with all relevant parties to find an internationally accepted solution. Already involved, among others, are: FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling), which proposed the change to the standard; the AEM's International Crane Technical Liaison Committee; SC&RA; crane manufacturers; rental companies and crane users; ESTA (European crane and transport association); ISO (International Organization for Standardization); Health & Safety Executives; VDMA (German association of engineering manufacturers); and insurance companies.

Both "sides" agree that they have the same goals: to improve safety for the crane user and one of the primary aims of the International Crane Technical Liaison Committee is to harmonise international standards. I look forward to international co-operation at its best and I offer the support and assistance of IC to help resolve the issue in the most satisfactory manner.

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