MCS opens Middle East office

By Patrick Hill13 January 2009

Rental software developer MCS will open a business, MCS Middle East, in Bahrain to serve the Middle East. The initiative expands the UK-based company's overseas presence to nine offices.

Nick Smith, who has worked in IT and lived in the Middle East for six years, will head the office as general manager for the region. Mr Smith has been consulting to MCS for the last five months.

"Having a presence here, someone here who understands local conditions and culture, carries a lot of weight in the Arab mentality," he said. He told IRN that the biggest rental software opportunities are in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

He said, "The biggest challenge is getting companies to see the benefit of software such as ours...Cost is not a problem; Arab companies want to become competitive in the Western world."

Existing MCS clients in the region include Al Falaj Electricals, Saif Bin Darwish (Darwish Bin Ahmed) and Action International Services L.L.C, all in the UAE.

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