Metso launches recycle-able screening media

By Chris Sleight03 August 2011

Metso's Trellex LS-Eco recycle-able screening media.

Metso's Trellex LS-Eco recycle-able screening media.

In what is thought to be a world first, Metso has launched a range of fully recycle-able modular screening media, which can be used as an alternative to wire mesh. The Trellex LS-Eco system is based on Metso's Trellex LS modular rubber screening systems, but features an "environmentally-friendly" composite material instead of traditional steel reinforcement.

In addition to developing the new modules, Metso will also be offering its customers a range of recycling services.

According to Metso, the Trellex LS-Eco range offers a wide range of health, safety and environmental benefits. Each screening media panel is up to 40% lighter than standard steel reinforced Trellex LS panels. This makes handling easier and the working environment safer. Lighter panels also help to reduce the overall stress on the entire screening installation.

Compared to steel-reinforced panels, the composite-reinforced panels of the Metso Trellex LS-Eco are more flexible and will reduce the effects of pegging and blinding during screening operations. Metso says this should translate to reduced downtime and increased productivity.

The first Metso Trellex LS-Eco panels will be available in a 305 mm x 610 mm size in the final quarter of 2011. Other sizes will be available in 2012.

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