Modules in motion

25 April 2008

Working for client Nooter/Eriksen, Turkey-based Ağirişs completed the installation of six heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) modules using strongbacks and a range of lifting and transport equipment. Telescopic and lattice boom cranes, multi-axle hydraulic trailers, and strongback erection frames all played their part at the Mersin Camis Soda ash factory at Mersin on the Mediterranean coast of South Central Turkey.

The HRSG modules were two evaporators, two economizers and two superheaters. On arrival at Mersin Port the delivery ship's cranes were used to unload the modules onto stillages provided by transport contractor Anatolia Logistics.

From then on Anatolia Logistics used its 340 tonne capacity 10 axle hydraulic Goldhofer THP trailers pulled by Volvo tractor units to carry the modules, one-by-one the 20 km from their temporary supports on the quay, to the soda factory. Maximum transport weight was 128 tonnes.

Ağirişs used a 300 tonne capacity Liebherr LT 1300 telescopic mobile crane to unload the modules from the trailers and load them onto a strongback, or erection frame, supplied by Nooter/Eriksen, the manufacturer of the HRSGs. The strongback was used to keep the modules rigid while they were lifted and tilted to the vertical so that the tube bundles did not get bent.

For the main lifts, to a height of 46.2 m, Ağirişs used its 400 tonne capacity Demag TC 2000 lattice boom truck crane with the LT 1300 tailing while a 100 tonne capacity LTM 1100 all terrain acted as auxiliary crane to stabilise the 45 tonne strongback.

The TC 2000 was rigged with 54 m main boom and the lifts were made at radii between 10 and 14 m. The LT 1300 operated with 26 m of boom at 8 m radius and took a maximum load of 122 tonnes. For the LTM 1100 it handled up to 25 tonnes at 8 m radius with 32 m of main boom.

With the load standing vertical the two smaller cranes held the strongback while the TC 2000 was used to lift the module out of the frame and place it into the boiler casing. Each of the six modules were handled in this way although a different load attachment was used for the superheater modules. The heaviest module lifted, including the strongback, shackles, blocks, etc. was 180 tonnes. •

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