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By Alex Dahm14 January 2009

Power Cat for machine moving

Power Cat for machine moving

The PowerCat is an innovative new product from Lifting Consultant GmbH, in Germany, which is designed to move loads where a forklift or other conventional towing device is less practical.

In the smaller rigging category, machinery moving is predominantly done using hydraulic jacks, skates and forklift trucks. But there are situations in which their weight, size or, even, their availability, means that such equipment cannot be used.

To solve the problem, Klaus Scholpp at Lifting Consultant GmbH in Germany developed the PowerCat. It is a simple, versatile, efficient and small tool, attachable to a set of skates, that can push and pull 25 to 55,000 pounds (11.3 to 24,948 kg), Scholpp explains.

Numerous tests were carried out with a range of prototypes, many of which were discarded, explains Scholpp. The new MTC 25 model, now available to purchase, underwent more than three years of rigorous testing by professional riggers and, even then, improvements were needed, adds Scholpp.

"With a mere 50 kg dead weight PowerCat is a midget compared to the loads it can push and pull. And it is easily transported in a van. Compare this to a forklift truck, which needs a truck and/or trailer, not to mention the investment. I am so convinced of the design and craftsmanship of PowerCat that I grant a 24 month warranty."

PowerCat has a high performance electric motor, with a deadman switch, that is rated for continuous operation under full load. There are four pre-selectable speeds from 2 m/min to 9 m/min, with torques ranging from 268 Nm to 1,123 Nm. It has forward and reverse and there is a push and pull function.

The 160 mm diameter drive wheels are fitted with high performance tyres for maximum grip. The toe type coupling device can be changed and it is height adjustable to give the best fit for existing skates and loads. Powercat moves loads on unpowered transport skates up to 25 tonnes.

Product specifications

Overall length

1,890 mm

extends 500 mm


620 mm

Height without transport dolly

250 mm


50 kg

Electric drive

240 Volts/50 Hz

Power input 8 Amps, typically, 1,050 Watts

Four pre-selectable speeds

from 2 m/min to 9 m/min

Torque range:

from 268 Nm to 1,123 Nm

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