Multitel big deck on tour

By Euan Youdale28 November 2017

Ms 100 parked

Multitel MS 100 

The Multitel MS 100 large deck truck mount, launched this year at APEX, is making its debut UK road tour. 

Access Industries Group, Multitel’s UK dealer is showing the demonstration model to a range of rental companies, end users and airlines for aircraft maintenance as an alternative to a truck mounted scissor lift.

Although initially designed for tunnel work, the new platform has broader applications. Melvyn Else, managing director of Access Industries, said, “for any application where you require a scissor lift for a relatively short period of time you could find the MS 100 represents the most cost-efficient solution.”

Fixing a sign, carrying out overhead cleaning in a petrol station, maintaining lights in car parks and road side can all be carried out by the MS 100, said the company.

Ms 100 drive mode elevated

“The point to remember is that the MS 100 is mounted on a 3.5 tonne chassis cab. Getting a scissor lift of a similar size on a 3.5 tonne is virtually impossible.”

The MS1200 has two basic modes of operation. It can be operated deploying the four in-line jacks or by operating the unit on its road tyres. When operated on its outriggers, it offers 10m working height, a 400kg payload and a large platform measuring 3.3m x 1.85m. It has a working envelope with up to 8m of front to rear movement and a deck which will traverse sideways 0.5m in each direction.

On its wheels it has up to 6m working height and the facility to drive in the elevated position.

In either mode the unit can be locked into a scissor lift envelope or can be operated to achieve its full working envelope.

A variant of the platform has been developed for airlines with special telescopic handrails for APU work.


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