Netherlands rental firms join forces

15 November 2011

A map of the Netherlands showing how Kraanverhuur Nederland provides 17 branches, meaning all custom

A map of the Netherlands showing how Kraanverhuur Nederland provides 17 branches, meaning all customers are within 45 km of one of them

Six crane rental companies in the Netherlands have set up a national partnership to create a more cost-effective service.

Kraanverhuur Nederland, in English: Crane Rental Netherlands, brings together Baetsen, BKF, Van Grinsven, Heeren, Kuiphuis Kraanverhuur and Nederhoff. The partnership will provide 250 cranes and 300 employees.

"We find that efficiency and cost for many clients have become increasingly important. Through co-operation in Crane Rental Netherlands, we have 17 offices across the country and we are able, within a radius of 45 km, to deliver the right crane for any type of work," said Bob Bruijsten, Crane Rental Netherlands spokesman.

"This way we can not only promote speed of work and a reduction in costs, but customers who operate nationally now have one point at which each lifting job, anywhere in the Netherlands, can be arranged," added Bruijsten.

The combined skills and experience also means that Crane Rental Netherlands has knowledge in every lifting segment, explained Bruijsten. "Markets change and the demand for efficient and cost-conscious work is increasing. The great expertise within Crane Netherlands means we have extensive experience in many different areas, including our employees, with the ability to think about the approach, the use of the right equipment and understand how tasks run quickly and efficiently."

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