New 25 tonne Tadano rough terrain crane

Tadano has announced an updated version of its 25 tonne capacity GR-250N rough terrain crane for the Japanese domestic market.

The crane is designed for urban projects where space is limited

The the GR-250N Crevo250 G5 is designed for urban construction projects where it can make the most of its mobility in narrow spaces and small turning radius.

New features are aimed at improving operational efficiency and reducing emissions. During crane operation the engine speed is automatically adjusted according to the amount of crane lever operation. An automatic pump stop function stops the PTO pump when the crane is not being operated to reduce CO2 emission and further improve fuel consumption.

Improvements have also been made to the Tadano View System to support safer driving. A new front left view camera and rear view camera on the slewing platform have been added as standard equipment.

Up to three patterns for the camera selections on the large-size display can be registered according to the road conditions, helping the driver to check safety in the surrounding area while driving.

Human alert system
The human alert system detects and warns the driver when people are present

The human alert system, that detects and warns the driver when people are in the vicinity of the crane, has been improved for a better detection rate. A camera that augments front left visibility has been added as standard equipment, improving visibility and safety while driving.

Digital services

Digital data and digital services which intend to aid more efficient and safer work include:

Lift API: Machine performance calculation functions and telematics data are provided via the internet. Lift API allows the operator to check a reaction force based on the lifting plan and work plan, and to expand the BIM software functions.

BIM model: To meet the need for using a crane model as a BIM element, BIM data for Tadano products is available in BIMobject and on the company’s website.

Hello-Net: In addition to machine position information, the Hello-Net Telematics web information service allows checking of daily operating conditions, fuel consumption, and the timing for parts replacement and inspection.

Hello-Date Link app: This app allows the crane to be connected to a mobile terminal via a wireless local area network (LAN) to check crane operating information, indicator information, error codes, and other information in real time from outside the cab.

The setup radio control can help improve efficiency when preparing the crane for work

Setup radio controller: A setup radio controller can help improve the efficiency of work preparation, the company said. A 2.7 inch (69 mm) reflection-type colour screen ensures high visibility for outdoor use.

The hand-held radio control can be operated to set up and remove aluminium ground plates, extend and retract outrigger beams and jacks, and mount and stow jibs.

The crane operating information and various operation setting functions are shown on a 12.1 inch (300 mm) colour touchscreen panel. The LCD panel uses materials designed to prevent scatter reflection and condensation and to resist impact.

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