New addition to Bentley Systems iTwin program

By Catrin Jones16 January 2023

CCTech has announced the addition of HVAC-Twin (heating, ventilating and conditioning) to Bentley Systems’ powered by iTwin program. The company says that HVAC-Twin enables a quick turnaround between HVAC design iterations.

The HVAC-Twin platform (Photo: CCTech)

Designers and engineers are said to be able to add sensor data, make connections, and start visualizing data such as temperature, occupancy, and CO2 levels—to diagnose and improve the performance of HVAC systems.

HVAC-Twin is a web-based, physics-informed 3D digital twin that is built for easy accessibility and enhanced collaboration, providing quick turnaround between design iterations leading to energy and cost-efficient HVAC designs.

CCTech adds that the HVAC-Twin addresses multiple challenges experienced by contractors involved in the HVAC industry, from the design phase to maintenance and operations. 

“We are excited to add HVAC-Twin to Bentley’s powered by iTwin program,” said Nem Kumar, Director, Consultancy at CCTech. “The iTwin Platform’s visualization and data management capabilities allow HVAC-Twin to incorporate and visualize sensor data, and run simulations, to make broader inferences about HVAC designs with higher accuracy. This increases the speed and cost-effectiveness of HVAC system design.”

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