New Cometto 1,000 tonner

04 February 2020

Cometto Eco1000 6 axle module grey out in the snow suspension up on a gradient

Cometto Eco1000 6 axle module

Self propelled trailer manufacturer Cometto has launched the Eco1000, a 1,000 tonne capacity transporter system with integrated power packs.

It is available in modular units and is intended for in-plant transport projects. “With the Eco1000, Cometto provides the widest range in this specific market,” commented Alessandro Giordano, Cometto product manager.

“The connect and drive principle allows quick and easy connections of several vehicles up to a payload capacity of 1,000 tonnes.” It is available as a 2-axle type with two driven suspension units, as a 4-axle type with two or four driven units, as a 4-axle type with two or four driven units as a long frame, and as a 6-axle type with four driven suspension units.

Two axle unit of Cometto's new Eco1000 transporter

Two axle unit of Cometto’s new Eco1000 transporter

“Up to four units can be combined together with interchangeable components, different power pack technologies and a wide selection of accessories,” explained Giordano. Arranged side by side, two vehicles of the same length and engine can be combined. As end-to-end combinations, units of different length can be combined. Each vehicle has quick couplings to link two vehicles together.

Environmental factors have influenced the new product. In addition to traditional propulsion for continuous performance, there is hybrid and electric technology. “Our hybrid solution is the first technology to be implemented in this specific transport sector.” The hybrid technology is to allow the performance of a traditional engine to be combined with the cleanliness of an electric motor. In addition to using a charging station, the lithium battery can be charged while driving using energy recuperation technology. This power pack unit is designed for applications where there is a mix of indoor and outdoor use, where fully electric operation is only needed for working indoors.

Eco1000 has an hydrostatic drive system for precise and progressive movement in all directions, Cometto said. Power regulators in the system allow the maximum available torque to be exploited. The suspension stroke through its full range of travel is 700 mm. Steering is through +135 / -135 degrees.

Cometto Eco1000 - Radio remote control

Radio remote control for the Cometto Eco1000 has a 110 mm display screen

A new radio remote control system is used which has a 4.3 inch (110 mm) display. It allows full synchronisation even where different Eco1000 families are mixed in the same convoy, the company said. A 12.1 inch (300 mm) colour touch-screen display is used on the power pack unit. On it the operator can see information about lifting, steering and driving modes, Giordano explained.



Computer drawing of how the four axle Cometto Eco1000 trailer with built-in power pack will look in red

How the four axle Cometto Eco1000 trailer with built-in power pack will look

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