New funds for IIRSA

25 April 2008

Latin America:The Andean Development Corporation (CAF) has approved US$ 158 million of loans for the South American Regional Infrastructure Integration Initiative (IIRSA). National Governments will contribute a further US$ 67 million, taking the total new investment to US$ 225 million.

Most of the funds will be used for road links in, and between Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.

Bolivia will receive US$ 25 million for the Huachacalla – Pisiga, Oruro Integration Highway and US$ 50 million to support the Natural Emergencies Response Programme.

The Huachacalla – Pisiga, Oruro Integration Highway links Bolivia with Chile, and the Pacific corridor with the Atlantic Ocean. The Natural Emergencies Response Programme aims to rehabilitate and reconstruct transport links in the country following the heavy rains, landslides and floods over the last year.

In Brazil, CAF has approved US$ 21.5 million for the Rondonia State Development Programme Phase II, and US$ 18 million to support the Drainage Management and Urban Development Programme in San José de Río Preto, San Paulo state.

In Ecuador, US$ 43 million will be used to upgrade an existing bridge and its extension over the Daule River. The money will also be used to construct a new bridge, access roads and the rehabilitation of an existing bridge over the Babahoyo River and the La Puntilla overpass.

In March CAF also provided Peru with several loans in support its infrastructure expansion. About US$ 150 million will go towards construction of Sections 2 and 3 of the South Inter-Oceanic Road Corridor, part of IIRSA. Section 2 (300 km, US$ 59.1 million), and Section 3 (403 km, US$ 91.4 million) involve construction of 703 km of highway uniting Cuzco, Puno and Madre de Dios.

In addition CAF has also signed a US$ 60 million guarantee agreement with the Peruvian state for construction of the North Amazon Multimodal corridor. The new road will help transfer goods from the port of Paita on the north coast to the Amazon basin.

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