New injection nozzle

12 May 2008

The latest development from engine manufacturer Hatz is the rate shaping nozzle (RSN) which helps to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen, according to Peter Prinz- Hufnagel, responsible for the company’s engine development, combustion and exhaust emissions divisions. ”Before, there were only standard injection nozzles with a blind hole. The disadvantage is that a small residue of fuel remains in the blind hole after injection and this is blown out again in unburned form.”

Prinz-Hufnagel continued, ”The RSN nozzle enables a higher needle stroke and, at the same time, operates in two stages: initially the nozzle lifts only slightly and there is only a small quantity of fuel injected. It is only when the pressure increases that the needle stroke is increased and normal injection [full injection] ensues.”

The RSN nozzle is now fitted throughout the B Series and in the Supra series. It is being prepared for use in the 2G40 version.

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