New Panda pick and carry at SAIE

29 September 2009

Kegiom 200Panda mini crane

Kegiom 200Panda mini crane

Italian crane manufacturer Kegiom launched its 200Panda pick and carry mini crane at the SAIE exhibition in Bologna, Italy at the end of October.

The 200Panda is a battery-electric wheeled crane with 6.5 m lift height from its telescopic boom.

Powered by a 24 Volt, 400 Amp-hour battery, the crane is 2,200 mm long, 850 mm wide and stands 1,750 mm tall. Steering is at the rear via a pair of hydrostatically driven wheels. It has a turret that swings through 60 degrees while the addition of a pair of outriggers allows a sweep of more than 120 degrees.

At SAIE Kegiom also showed a 350E4Spider and the 8700E4 with 16 m hook height.

For more on the 2009 SAIE exhibition and what was on show there, see the feature in IC October.

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