New range topper from Tadano

By Euan Youdale01 June 2011

The 400 tonne capacity Tadano Faun ATF 400G-6 was presented at the manufacturer’s Crane Day event

The 400 tonne capacity Tadano Faun ATF 400G-6 was presented at the manufacturer’s Crane Day event

Tadano Faun launched the 400 tonne capacity ATF 400G-6 at its Crane Day 2011 customer event at the company's facility in Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany, on 27 and 28 May.

Hundreds gathered at Tadano Faun's 2011 Crane Day to witness the unveiling of its range-topping, world compliant ATF 400G-6 all terrain crane. During the two-day event customers and company associates were treated to product demonstrations and presentations, a factory tour and evening entertainment and dinner.

A significant feature of the ATF 400G-6 is its below-12 tonne loading across each of its six axles when weighed with driver, hook block, fuel, oil and 16.00 tyres, said Alexander Knecht, Tadano Faun president and CEO, speaking to IC. "We did very well matching the weight and axle distribution over six axles."

The ATF 400G-6 was assembled by the beginning of January and ready to be placed on the company's new test pad at the Lauf an der Pegnitz factory, where the crane will be manufactured.

"We did some outsourcing of some in-house manufacturing and demolished a building and bought some land at the rear and now we have a new test facility. This was one of the preconditions that we can manufacture the 400 tonner here in-house." Enhancements to manufacturing capabilities were also made.

During development the crane kept the ATF 360 name, in recognition of the existing 360 tonne ATF 360, which, says Knecht, was more-or-less a machine aimed at the Japanese and Asian market. But it became clear during testing that the machine was now in the 400 tonne class.

It also differs from existing machines in the market, adds Knecht, because it is less complex: there is no Superlift or Y-guy; just a Tadano A-frame power system with no side wires. The machine's weight distribution produces outstanding lifting capacities on the main boom and luffer, claimed Knecht.

"It is our interpretation that, in the 400 tonne class, we do not see this equipment [superlift/Y-guy] as absolutely necessary and it will differ from the competition. Of course, it depends on the usage of the crane. We hear some voices in the market saying it should be simple, operator friendly, and need less backup transport. On the other hand you can say it is simpler but it has a little less capacity, so you have to make your own choice between those two options."

"The number of bigger cranes above 300 tonnes has been increasing, even during the crisis, so the share of bigger cranes from the European manufacturers is getting bigger - we expect to get a nice part of the 400 tonne class market," said Knecht.


Lifting capacity is 400 tonnes at 2.7 m. At a maximum 58 m radius the machine can lift 4.8 tonnes. The ATF 400G-6 has a 12 x 8 x 12 drive configuration with longitudinal and transverse differential locks. Another feature is the all axle steering without the need to disassemble components. It has speed-dependent rear axle steering where the rear axle is locked for highway driving.

Power comes from the Euro IIIB/Tier 4, eight cylinder, 480 kW Mercedes-Benz OM502LA BlueTec engine. BlueTec is an emissions control system for reducing oxides of nitrogen. It uses urea-based AdBlue and a catalytic converter with particulate filter. If the AdBlue tank is empty the engine will continue to work but emissions will increase. Under US Tier 4 emission rules, if there is no AdBlue the engine power must reduce gradually. For this purpose additional software is being added to machines destined for the US market.

The transmission is the ZF-TC-Tronic 12 TC 3040 SO mechanical transmission with torque converter control clutch and integrated intarder. The heavy duty feature is permissible up to 3,500 Nm. Dry type clutch and automatic gear shifting are options.

Counterweight is entirely interchangeable, including between the left and right sides of the crane.

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