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By Euan Youdale25 October 2016

Nationwide Platforms' SkySiren PCS (Pre-Crush Sensing) for scissors

Nationwide Platforms' SkySiren PCS (Pre-Crush Sensing) for scissors

Nationwide Platforms has continued the evolution of its secondary guarding system with the SkySiren PCS (Pre-Crush Sensing) for use on scissor lifts.

Unveiled for the first time at the UK rental giant’s annual Working at Height Best Practice Forum last week, the new system follows on from the SkySiren PCS for boom lifts last year.

The forum comprised a range of presentations followed by break-out panel sessions in which delegates were encouraged to share their ideas on critical industry subjects, including improving emergency lowering and rescue from height and managing powered access on site.

First established eight years ago with a gathering of 30 delegates, attendance has risen to nearly 400 partners and customers this year, including representatives from the UK's biggest contractors.

Leadership was a central theme of the day with company managing director Jeremy Fish focusing on the subject during his introductory talk. “Leadership is about having guts. Leaders do not say it’s not my problem, that’s what followers do,” he said.

There was also a heavy focus on Nationwide’s range of attachments and solutions for safer and more efficient working at height.

The new SkySiren PCS (Pre-Crush Sensing) for scissors incorporates a traffic light warning system which notifies operators of varying levels of danger. For example, when the platform moves within a pre-determined distance of an overhead obstacle, the movement of the MEWP is automatically stopped and an amber warning light flashes.

By stopping the MEWP’s functions, the operator is alerted to the potential risk. They are now able to safely assess the danger at the point of work before making a decision on how to proceed. If the operator makes the conscious decision to continue towards the hazard, the amber light turns red and a personal audible alarm sounds intermittently to remind the operator of the imminent danger.

Should the platform continue to be operated in a way that risks entrapment, the SkySiren pressure sensor bar provides additional protection to the operator by stopping the MEWP’s function if triggered. A klaxon and strobe light also alerts nearby workers, who might be required to carry out a pre-planned emergency descent procedure.

Also no display in the outside area of the forum was the recently launched SkyTel hoisting system, designed for the handling of mobile telecom antennas.

Weighing 40kg, the CE-marked device can be quickly and easily installed into the basket of a range of truck mounted platforms with working heights between 22m and 70m and features 270 degree rotation, 200mm radius adjustment and a lightweight aluminium chain block for precise positioning. The device can accommodate antennas weighing up to 150kg and has also been future-proofed for larger and heavier antennas.

Derek Stevenson CMIOSH, DAEL Group SHEQ Manager, said, “Mobile Network Operators are experiencing ever-growing demands for fast, reliable and stable network capacities. The latest generation of antennas provide this but are noticeably heavier and larger in size - and in many cases require a crane to install. SkyTel has enabled us to overcome these challenges whilst also providing us greater control with the installation to ensure it is carried out in a safe and productive manner and is cost effective. This innovation I believe will reduce accidents and can be used for other applications.”

In addition Nationwide presented its SkyScreen to minimise the risk of objects being dropped from the basket. Suitable for 6ft and 8ft platform basket sizes, the lightweight SkyScreen mesh fully encompasses the platform basket to provide protection from dropped objects, tools and materials down to 15mm in size. As well as retaining maximum visibility, it is also compatible with a range of other innovations such as the company’s material handling attachment SkyRak and its secondary guarding device SkySiren PCS.

Read more about the subjects covered at Nationwide’s forum, along with site reports related to it products in the November/December issue of Access International.

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