Next generation wheeled loader quick coupler from Cat

By Chris Sleight17 April 2009

Caterpillar's new Fusion quick coupler ssytem for wheeled loaders.

Caterpillar's new Fusion quick coupler ssytem for wheeled loaders.

Caterpillar's ‘Fusion' quick coupler allows wheeled loaders to use a range of work tools, without sacrificing the performance operators get from pin-on attachments. Key to this is a patented new design that moves the coupler's centre of gravity closer to the machine.

Fusion has an open design, which makes it easier for operators to see the attachment pick-up points for quick engagements and disengagements. The unit also features a set of wedges, which holds tools tightly, eliminating any play or rattles.

Michel Jenny, tunnelling and demolition consultant for Caterpillar said, "Rattles used to be a problem with old pin-type systems, when the pins began to wear and you got some play in the system. This however has a conical design, which eliminates that."

The coupler is available on Caterpillar's mid-sized loaders, which is to say 924H to 972H models, covering the 2.3 m3 to 5.5 m3 bucket classes, as well as its IT38 and IT62 tool-carrier wheeled loaders.

Mr Jenny said, "The biggest advantage is that the platform is suitable for the 924 to 972 machines so you can share a huge range of attachments."

Adaptors are also available to allow the Fusion system to be used with non-Caterpillar attachments.

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