North American debut

By Chris Sleight10 February 2014

Wirtgen will be using ConExpo-Con/Agg for the North American launch of its W 250i cold planer. The machine on display will feature an extra-large milling drum for a working width of 12’ 6” (3.80 m) - +70% more than on a standard machine. The show machine will also sport a camera system and the Vacuum Cutter System (VCS), which cuts down the amount of fine dust emissions.

The machine can mill to a depth of 14” (350 mm) at a high advance rate. This allows it to remove either complete road sections in a single pass, or individual layers. The intelligent WIDRIVE machine management system offers three milling drum speeds and the W 250i also features Wirtgen’s dual engine concept.

This design offers both economy and performance according to Wirtgen. For heavy-duty jobs, both engines are engaged for a total of 1,005 kW of power. However, for lighter work, only one is used, providing 608 kW.

The standard milling width of the W 250i is 7’ 3” (2.20 m). This can extended to 8’ 2” (2.50 m), 10’ 2” (3.10 m), 11’ 6” (3.50 m), 12’ 6” (3.80 m) or even 14’ 5” (4.40 m). For milling drum units with working widths greater than 7’ 3” (2.20 m), the W 250i is equipped with extension elements. At 7’ 3” (2.20 m), the W 250i is available with FCS Light, a system for quick milling drum changes to allow adaption to a variety of applications.

The WIDRIVE on-board management system automates many processes and simplifies machine control for the operator. It features logically arranged operating function groups with language-neutral symbols and an optional camera system with two or six cameras is also available. The operator can view as many as six working areas on the control display. Wirtgen’s parallel to surface (PTS) system, meanwhile, automatically aligns the W 250i parallel to the road.

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