Octopussy overcomes obstacles in Holland

By Maria Hadlow24 April 2012

Tracked platform manufacturers are always emphasising the compact and flexible nature of their machines. Italian manufacturer, Oil & Steel, shared these photographs taken by its partner the Dutch rental company Hoogwerker Centrum Nederland, which perfectly illustrate the point.

The job involved getting through a small entrance to paint the inner courtyard of a house, the veranda is covered with steps and there is a conservatory in a portico.

The structure meant that it was impossible to put up scaffolding and the team realised straight away that only its Octopussy Classic 1402 would negotiate all the obstacles.

The all hydraulically controlled, platform has a maximum working height of 14m and an outreach of 6.5m. Folded down it is very compact 780mm high x 1950mm in width and 3520mm in length and the basket can be removed.

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