Offering clarity on pre-delivery inspections

15 January 2020

The ERA’s Technical Committee has issued three major recommendations over the last two years:


  • The “ERA recommendations on tie down and lifting points”, which is a joint documentation to give the OEM guidance in relation to tie down / lifting points and lifting pockets;
  • The “Framework of quick guides”, an overview with all necessary items to be explained in quick guides for the operators of rental machines;
  • The “ERA recommendation on PDIs”, which aim at helping the OEMs improving the quality of the Pre-Delivery Inspection process.

The three documents were prepared by the rental company members of the Technical Committee and are available on the ERA website,

Those recommendations are obviously created for OEMs, regardless of whether they are members of the ERA, to clarify the needs and expectations of equipment rental companies.

However, the objective of the Technical Committee working on such topics is also to provide more information and material to the national associations and to the smaller rental companies that they can use in their everyday work.

If you are a rental company member of ERA and you are interested in contributing to the works of the Technical Committee, please contact the ERA Secretariat, at

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