Oil & Steel introduces new Snake and hybrids

10 April 2019

Oil & Steel’s new Snake 147.

Oil & Steel used Bauma to showcase its new Snake 2111 J PLUS - a double articulated platform with jib with a working height of 21 meters and 11 meters of outreach. It has a 120 kg capacity and is equipped with H-stabilizers. The Snake range of machines can also be installed on a Ford Ranger pick-up through a special set up “147.”

The company also showed, for the first time, a battery-powered Octopus 14 and Scorpion 2013 hybrid (battery and engine) that have been equipped with Lithium battery packs that have an 8x longer life cycle than lead batteries and allow at least 10 years of use, according to the company. A full charge assures a full day of work without interruption and equivalent performance compared to the engine use. The BMS (Battery management system) features advanced cell balancing/control functions (tested in conditions of overcharging, short circuit, mechanical shock/vibration and deep discharge), fault detection and charge optimization. Information on the status of the battery (% charge, fault indication) can be monitored on a display on the battery compartment, on the platform control unit and on the remote-control display.

For more on these units, see our Bauma show reviews.

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