One person set-up from Combisafe

By Euan Youdale24 August 2015

Combisafe SkyReach Anchor overhead fall protection system

Combisafe SkyReach Anchor overhead fall protection system

Combisafe has launched SkyReach Anchor, an overhead fall protection system compatible with all personal fall protection equipment (PFPE).

It has been tested and approved with Miller Falcon self-retracting lifelines suited to the fitting of decking for horizontal formwork, loading and unloading vehicles or working on a leading edge.

“Our customers tell us about real limitations with traditional overhead fall arrest systems, namely that they require a crane not just to install but every time they need to be repositioned,” said Wayne Kensett, product manager for Combisafe. “

The SkyReach Anchor is lightweight at 25 kg and portable and can be carried, installed and locked into position in seconds by a single worker without a crane.

There are two attachment options: the Cast-in Sleeve for use on concrete structures when decking formwork is carried out and the Steel Flange Clamp for use as a fall arrest system when loading and unloading vehicles next to a steel structure.

For formwork operations, the Cast-in Socket system provides 360 degree usability, its foldable boom and brace creating an 8.5 m operating radius and a working surface area close to 230m2.

The Steel Flange Clamp can be locked on to any steel column between 150 mm and 450 mm.

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