Platform Basket's new 13.65 soon available

By Maria Hadlow10 August 2010

The Platform Basket spiders are narrow and light, here CAT Access has used ramps to manoeuvre the ma

The Platform Basket spiders are narrow and light, here CAT Access has used ramps to manoeuvre the machine into a customer’s garden

Platform Basket, the Italian spider specialist, has announced that its new Spider 13.65 is nearly ready.

The new machine is designed to provide a good weight to working height ratio. It weighs 1.4 t and has a 13.4 m working height with payload of 200 kg. The machine can be transported on 3.5 t GVW trucks

The 13.65 is of a compact design 0.78 m wide and under 2m high so it can pass through a standard doorway. The outriggers have been configured so the machine can be set up in a 3 m by 3m room or positioned near walkways or obstacles. A telescopic double extension boom and long flying jib make the access platform easy to position accurately.

The design of the tracks, including a double speed drive, optimizes the available power and increases the speed when driven on flat floors up to 2.5 km/h.

The new cable remote control for the driving system has been designed to be ergonomic and easy to use. It enables the user to handle the access platform drive from the basket or from ground, which adds to safety when climbing the loading and unloading ramps.

To make the spider-lift safer when used on slopes, the chassis has additional anti-revolving rollers.

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