Portuguese power station faces decomissioning and demolition

05 October 2010

The Barreiro power station in Portugal is scheduled for decommissioning and demolition next year

The Barreiro power station in Portugal is scheduled for decommissioning and demolition next year

A major decommissioning/demolition project will start in Barreiro, Portugal, in the first quarter of 2011 with the removal of a 1970s vintage oil fired power station, owned and operated by EDP, which has already been replaced by a modern CHP power station on the same site. It operated from 1977 until 2009, and was EDP's largest thermal cogeneration power plant.

The project will include the demolition of a number of large structures, including a 1,000 m (3,280 ft) oil and steam pipeline, engine room, boiler, steam turbines, pumping station and two 7,500 cubic metre (264 860 cubic feet) on-site reservoir tanks. The demolition and clearance should be completed by mid 2012.

Consultant RVA Group was engaged by EDP to assist in the development of a detailed project specification and tender document, and will play a major role in the selection of the demolition contractor, who will be appointed at the end of November.

According to RVA managing director Richard Vann: "A large scale project of this nature requires a significant amount of planning. EDP has acknowledged the need to carry out the work to the highest standards, with Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) management a priority. They have recognised that to do this, they need the specialist experience and assistance that RVA can provide."

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