Powerful new pile drivers

By Chris Sleight05 February 2014

Junttan will launch three new models in its X-Series of pile driving rigs. The large PMx26, PMx27 and PMx28 complement the smaller PMx20, PMx22, PMx24 and PMx25 already on the market and have maximum leader capacities of 20, 23 and 25 tonnes and maximum pile lengths of 24, 25 and 28 m respectively. Junttan says this makes the PMx28 the biggest and most powerful, purpose-built pile driving machine ever built.

A new load-sensing hydraulic system is governed by Junttan’s X-control system, which is designed to be easy to use and to keep the rig’s fuel consumption low. Among the features that reduce fuel consumption are thermostatically-controlled engine and hydraulic oil coolers with an optimised air circulation system, together with a streamlined main hydraulic oil circuit with extended hose diameters.

The company also said that integration between the different on-board systems had led to reduced emissions, improved performance and improved fuel economy without compromising machine performance

Power for the 73, 80 and 90 tonne rigs comes from Tier 4 compliant Cummins engines. Junttan said that these diesels, combined with its Pile Cruise control feature, which helps to remove human error from operation, have helped decrease energy consumption by the rigs by as much as 20% compared to previous models.

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