RCA stadium's date with explosives

By Lindsay Gale08 May 2008

The RCA stadium in Indianapolis, USA, now has a date with explosive demolition. It will be partially demolished by a controlled implosion in October. With a height of 135 ft (38.1 m), the contractors involved consider that it is to high to easily demolish the upper part of the structure using other demolition measures. As a result, the upper seating section of the stadium will be imploded.

The demolition schedule was released by the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority earlier this week. Other key dates in the stadium’s demolition schedules include deflation of the fabric roof in August, soft strip, traditional demolition and separation from the Indiana Convention Centre during July through August, with debris removal from the implosion taking place from October through November 2008.

The dome will be replaced with an expansion to the convention centre, for which construction is scheduled to commence in June.
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