Redesign for Isoli truck mount

By Euan Youdale02 June 2015

The Isoli PNT 210 JD4 replaces the PNT 210 J.

The Isoli PNT 210 JD4 replaces the PNT 210 J.

Isoli has introduced the PNT 210 JD4 truck mounted platform to replace the PNT 210 J.

The new model has been completely redesigned. Aesthetically the differences are significant but technically there have also been important changes especially with the use of ultra high-strength steels,” said a company spokesman.

“We are investing time and resources into safety and, at the same time, to comply with regulations by reducing the weight.”

The working height of 21 m remains the same as the model did not require extra height, said the manufacturer.

The working area has been increased, along with the jib angle and a four stabilization mode all allowing for work with the outriggers all retracted at the maximum outreach and maximum height with full basket load. There are also two Fast Stabilisation modes.

Optional is the Fast Stabilisation, with automatic stabilisation only. This system means the machine can be used with a reduced working area and/or basket payload, with stabilisers on the ground - there is no need to lift the wheels - and with an increased allowable chassis angle: up to +/-2° transversal and +/-3° longitudinal.

The basket payload has been increased to 250kg, using a Moba load cell. A range of information is available in the basket, including diagnostics, stabilisation and acceleration/deceleration ramps are controlled by control unit. A Green LED indicates if the turret is aligned in stowed position and a green LED shows the basket is aligned in stow position.

A new anti-collision system has also been added to the vehicle cab, rear protection and between the basket and jib.

This platform has obtained the ECSSTA certification.

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