Revision of EN280 to include over-riding of load and motion sensing systems and provision of anchor points

24 April 2008

The revised EN280 standard governing the design and manufacture of platforms is expected to allow an over-ride of load and moment sensing systems to rescue trapped operators in an emergency. Anchor points should be marked as 'fall restraint only”, and the relevant clauses from the Canadian and ISO standards are to be adopted into EN280. These were some of the points discussed at the CEN TG98 WG1 meeting in London in November 2005.

On platform levelling, the committee agreed that manual levelling of the work platform is permitted, providing that the extending structure is stationary and that the speed of platform movements does not exceed that during normal operations. Requirements for the design of hydraulic levelling cylinders are to be drafted for inclusion in the standard. The standard will also be revised to take into account locking and dynamic oscillating axles by ensuring that the 'worst case” positions are considered when undertaking kerb tests.

The topics of activation of a slope (tilt) sensor to cut motions rather than merely warn the operator and the adoption of electronic scissor guards are still open for discussion. The next TG98 WG1 meeting will be held in Barcelona from 7 to 9 March.

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