RFID tags tracks lifting gear

By Niamh Marriott14 December 2021

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags have been used to track all of UK-based Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd.’s (RSS) equipment at a seven site project in London.

Each piece of equipment has been fitted with a tag that can be read by a smart device

RSS has stocked lifting and rigging equipment stores at each of the locations, and every shackle, hook, sling, and harness is fitted with a tag that can be read by a smart device to capture inspection and location details on an app.

UK-based Motion Software’s Kinetic system is a third-generation package, and the tags have been designed to work in harsh environments with excessive dirt, dust and moisture.

Tony Teeder, regional account director for the Midlands, London and South at RSS, said, “By the requirements of LOLER [Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998], many sites used to only inspect and document equipment periodically—six-monthly, for example. However, by using RFID technology, sites are driving this down to monthly, weekly, and daily tracking procedures.”

The tags have been designed to work in harsh environments

He said, “The system shrinks the time from inspection to final report, while automatic alerts and updates make sure you never miss an inspection. All equipment can be easily referenced against relevant legislation, and inspection renewals are tracked.

“Reports can be built with a unique app builder.”

The lead appointed person at the project, said: “As appointed persons, we are responsible for providing lift plans on every lift from a small chain hoist up to a large-capacity crawler crane.

“We have cameras on our cranes, so the operation was already receptive to technology—but the RFID programme implemented by RSS has transformed the way our rigging gear is stored, used, and inspected in line with LOLER requirements—and beyond. We find the weekly reports very useful too.”

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