Royal Tractor introduces industrial crane truck

By Alex Dahm15 January 2010

Royal Tractor BT150 Industrial Crane Truck

Royal Tractor BT150 Industrial Crane Truck

New from Royal Tractor in Kansas, USA, is the 75 US ton (68 tonne) capacity BT150 Industrial Crane Truck.

The telescopic crane's capacity is rated at a 36 inch (900 mm) load centre. It runs on cushion tyres, has wet disc brakes and drive is via a three speed powershift transmission. In addition to operating the three section boom, hydraulics power the extendable wheelbase frame.

Power is from a GM 8.1 litre V8 engine producing 216 hp and running on LPG (liquid petroleum gas). Diesel is an option, as are hydrostatic transmission and a winch.

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