Sarens Plans to Increase Crane Fleet in Ukraine

20 April 2020

114138_LR 1600

As part of its strategic planning and business development in Ukraine, Sarens is set to increase the number of available cranes in the country’s fleet by the end of 2020. This move reflects the promising potential of the Ukranian market, especially if development is approached in a consistent manner.

This year, Sarens in Ukraine plans to add five new cranes ranging from 55 to 250 tonnes. The business unit has had two LTM 1090s in operation since 2016, and had mobilised an LTM 1070 in January 2020. A 55-tonne LTM 1055 will soon join the fleet, and two more cranes, including a 120-130T and a 200-250T crane, will be added by year’s end. These additions will reflect market demand and projects needs within the country. 

Sarens in Ukraine provides rental taxi services and has the ability to mobilise cranes from neighbouring regions to carry out a variety of projects. For example, with the support of Sarens Poland in 2019, Sarens Ukraine successfully completed two major projects with an AC 500 crane, including work at the Metinvest metallurgical plant in Mariupol, and installation work at a Vestas wind farm.

Sarens Ukraine is pleased to serve the local market with projects that include the installation and dismantling of tower cranes, as well as the supply of ventilation equipment to business and shopping centres, including chillers and refrigeration units. It is also the reference for wind industry projects in Ukraine, including: 

  • Old Sambir-1 project in 2014, using a TC 2800 crane to install two wind turbines
  • Old Sambir-2 project in 2017, using the CC 2800, GMK 6250, LTM 1090, and GMK 5100 to install six turbines.
  • Novotroitsk-1 project in 2017, using the CC 2800, LTM 1090, LTM 1400, and LTM 1120 to install 12 turbines.
  • Botievo project in 2017, using the CC 2800 and LTM 1095 to service two turbines.
  • Old Sambir-1 project in 2017, using the CC 2800 and LTM 1095 to service one turbine.
  • Mirnenskaya project in 2019, using the AC 500 and LR 1600/2 to install V15-4.2 MW Vestas.

With the addition of new cranes to its

fleet, Sarens Ukraine looks forward to serving its local market and clients’ needs for a variety of future projects

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