Scanclimber's hoist can increase capacity by 35%

By Maria Hadlow20 March 2012

Scanclimber's Triple Hoist.

Scanclimber's Triple Hoist.

Finnish mast climber manufacturer, Scanclimber, will be showing a new hoist at Intermat, which can serve in three functions, is fast and can be called to the "floor" where it is required. The result is a piece of equipment, which Scanclimber estimates can increase transport capacity by 35%.

The Triple Hoist is an addition to Scanclimber's family of lightweight hoists. It can be used for three different functions: material hoist, transport platform and personnel hoist.

The Triple Hoist has been specifically designed for smaller building projects so is suitable for rental and scaffolding companies.

One of the notable features of the Triple Hoist is that it can be called to a specific floor like a lift. In cooperation with TUV in Munich, Scanclimber has developed call control system that allows users to call the platform from ground station. To maximise safety a display is installed in the platform to warn passengers if a ground call occurs.

Because the hoist can be called, it can be operated without an attendant and waiting times at the ground station are shorter. Scanclimber estimates that this increases the time the platform is in use by 20% and thus increases jobsite productivity.

Another feature that adds to the overall transport capacity is the increased running speed. Adding extra safety systems has enabled Scanclimber to double the running speed of Triple Hoist from 12m/sec to 24 m/sec. Doubling the running speed in passenger transportation mode provides 50% time savings in active usage time.

The speed and the capacity to call the lift contribute to the 35% increased transport capacity.

The Triple Hoist is of a modular design and the platform length can extend from 1.7m to 51m. Both models have interchangeable parts which are quick and easy to erect. The module sizes are 1.4m x 1.7m or 1.4m x 0.85m.

Scanclimber's single mast Triple Hoist has a maximum payload of 800kg. The Dual mast version can carry loads up to 2000kg. Flexibility is increased because the loading door and unloading ramp system can be on any of and all three sides at same time.

Scanclimber's chief executve officer Eerik Nousiainen said, "We wanted to design a machine in totally new class in terms of flexibility and ROI (return on investment) in smaller buildings. I am more than sure that Triple Hoist with its flexibility and three different uses will give our customers a competitive advantage in smaller projects."

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