SDLG launches its biggest ever grader

By Joe Malone22 November 2016

Visitors to Bauma China were the first to see the new motor grader from SDLG – the biggest it has ever produced.

The company, in which Volvo is a major shareholder, is working with the Swedish construction giant to strengthen its brand in the international market.

SDLG is already the largest exporter of wheeled loaders in China, and the second largest exporter of construction equipment of any kind.

The impressive G9260 motor grader launched at the show in Shanghai offers 136 kN of tractive force and has a hydraulically powered braking system.

The electronically controlled diesel engine promises both high performance and fuel efficiency.

The G9260’s blade is 4.27 m wide and the cutter diameter measures 1626 mm. It will cut to a maximum depth of 825 mm and has a maximum travel speed of 44.2 km/h going forward and 31.8 km/h in reverse.

Yu Mengsheng, president of SDLG, said, “We are proud to present the heavy-duty G9260 motor grader to our customers and dealers at bauma China. The durable machine can perform a variety of tasks and provides a stable grading platform in the toughest of applications.

“SDLG has established itself as one of China’s most reliable machinery brands in the global market,” he said.

Mr Yu described the G9260 as another milestone for SDLG, and added that “Bauma China is the gateway to the international market and we look forward to showcasing some of our newest capabilities to potential future customers.”

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