SDMO launches Rental Power Compact range in Middle East

By Chris Sleight15 January 2014

An SDMO Rental Power Compact generator on display at Intermat Middle East.

An SDMO Rental Power Compact generator on display at Intermat Middle East.

French generator manufacturer SDMO has launched a version of its Rental Power Compact range in the Middle East, using lower tier engines. The range has been available in Europe for some years with engines meeting the region’s demanding exhaust emissions laws. The machines unveiled at the Intermat Middle East exhibition use less complex diesels, which are more suitable for the region’s legislative framework and price requirements.

Marketing manager Philippe Forest said, “Construction is very important in this region and in the past we didn’t have the right products.” He added, “The weather is the other big difference of course, so we have developed products that run at high ambient temperatures with imp different cooling systems.”

Of the rental market in the region he said, “It is not developed compared to Europe, but it is still significant. We sell to rental companies and in some countries our dealers rent if there is not an established network – it really depends on the country.”

According to regional sales director Laurent Berthouloux, the biggest market in the region is Saudi Arabia. “The market is worth about US$ 300 million per year for our sector,” he said, adding, “Doha (the capital of Qatar) is coming up. It is just one big construction site.”

Mr Forest confirmed, “Right now Qatar is one of the most dynamic countries in the region, but the emirates are still good.”

The market growth in Qatar is linked to infrastructure investment ahead of the 2022 soccer World Cup. Dubai is expected to see a similar boost following the recent news that it has won the right to hold the 2020 World Expo

“Dubai 2020 means there is growth and there will be space for newcomers, but (in the UAE rental segment) they will be established players from other parts of the world, with experience,” said Mr Berthouloux.

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