Sennebogen feeds shredder's appetite for scrap

By Steve Ducker10 February 2016

The longest-working shredder in Sweden has been running for more than 25 years, with 3,400 hp and a huge appetite for scrap. In operation at Stena Recycling in Malmö, it is fed by a modern Sennebogen 830 material handler.

Production manager Magnus Persson said the company had already had a good experience of numerous Sennebogen material handlers in Denmark: “We were very satisfied with the performance and reliability, simple maintenance, easy access to service, and good support from local dealer OP System.”

The 830 has a 164 kW diesel engine and handling equipment along with a multi-shell grab with a maximum range of 17 m (55 ft).

To prevent damage to the boom, stick protection was specially attached. The wooden planking prevents the grapple from hitting the stick, especially when material is thrown up during loading.

The 830 of the current E-Series feeds the large shredder with around 700 t of scrap metal per day, seven days a week. Sennebogen said operators especially like the comfortable, elevating Maxcab, which can be moved vertically by 2.7 m (8 ft 10 in) and ensures the best possible overview – whether during shredder feeding or truck loading.

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