Skårs Gräv & Byggservice receives first Spierings crawler in Sweden

By Katherine Weir15 September 2016

The Spierings SK2400-R crawler is the latest addition to the Skårs Gräv & Byggservice fleet

The Spierings SK2400-R crawler is the latest addition to the Skårs Gräv & Byggservice fleet

Gotenburg, Sweden-based construction company Skårs Gräv & Byggservice has recently taken delivery of an 18 tonne Spierings SK2400-R crawler mounted mobile folding construction crane – the first Spierings crawler in Sweden.

The crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 18 tonnes on 14.6 metres and 5.5 tonnes on its tip of 42 m. The hook height is 35.5 m in horizontal position and 56 m on the tip when the jib is luffed with 30 degrees.

Mattias Johansson, co-owner at Skårs Gräv & Byggservice, said, “Construction components are getting bigger and bigger. We already have experience with the Spierings cranes for many years and we see often that our new customers are amazed by the speed of these cranes. The increasing demands for heavier lifting jobs, combined with shorter lead times of construction projects, makes this crane a good solution for many lifting jobs.”

The SK2400-R has a setup time of 1.5 hours and needs two trailers to be transported. It’s also possible to ride the crane on its tracks in erected position. It can lift its counterweight and crawlers by itself, so you don’t need a second crane, the company said.

With the four floodlights on the jib operators can continue to work during night times.

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