SMH announces name change and new product

By Lindsey Anderson27 December 2011

As of Jan. 1, 2012, Systems Material Handling (SMH) will change its name to TVH Parts Co. (TVH). "The change from SMH to TVH will help us assure that we are recognized around the world as one company."

TVH is a distributor of replacement parts and accessories for US- and world-manufactured industrial vehicles. Founded in Belgium in 1969, TVH and its TotalSource brand, is represented throughout the world by more than 2,630 employees serving customers in 162 countries. Systems Material Handling Company (SMH), acquired in 2003, represents TVH in the Americas with more than 700 employees operating out of nine facilities in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil.

The company recently unveiled the Charger Quick Reference Guide.

"The Charger Quick Reference Guide is a six page comprehensive resource for all of your charging needs," the company said in a statement. The catalog includes products by Energic Plus, Quick Charge, Lester, MAC, Signet and more and can be searched by charger type, voltage or amp requirements.

The Charger Quick Reference Guide can also be accessed online. Customers can check up-to-date warehouse information on more than 4,000,000 parts numbers for the material handling and industrial equipment industry. Searches can be conducted by OEM make, model number, or serial number in our Research function to access information on more than 14,500,000 parts. Also, check out the downloadable flyers available on a number of feature products contained throughout our Master Catalog.

For more, visit the company at The Rental Show, Feb. 5-8 in New Orleans.

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