Strabag consortium wins cancelled Polish A4 road contract

By Helen Wright07 October 2011

Strabag CEO, Hans Peter Haselsteiner

Strabag CEO, Hans Peter Haselsteiner

A consortium led by two of Strabag's Polish subsidiaries has won a €120 million contract to complete the construction of 21km of the A4 motorway in Poland.

Poland's General Directorate for National Roads & Highways said that the previous contract for the section, which runs between Brzesko and Wierzchoslawice, had been with a Polish-Macedonian consortium, but this contract was cancelled earlier this spring.

Strabag's two Polish subsidiaries Heilit+Woerner Budowlana lead the new consortium, which also consists of contractors Poldim and Przedsiebiorstwo Inzynieryjne IMB-Podbeskidzie. Strabag's share of the contract is 55%.

As part of the preparations for the Euro 2012 football competition in Poland and the Ukraine, the Polish authorities have placed the completion of the A4 motorway on its list of priority projects. The project is scheduled for completion on 15 months.

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