Tackling Particle Contamination

By Ian Cameron13 January 2021

MP Filtri, which has just launched a new particle counter, said that close to 80% of all diesel, lubrication and hydraulic failures are caused by the build-up of particle contamination

MP Filtri has launched a new particle counter

Stringent ISO cleanliness standards relating to contaminants are now applicable in all diesel fluid applications.

With temporary shutdowns, limited site visits, and restricted access to remote locations made worse by the pandemic – the failure rate could rise further in 2021, increasing costs and downtime, according to the company.

MP Filtri said its new Wifi-enabled ICM 4.0 particle counter helps overcome these problems and ensures complete visibility of contamination in hydraulic and diesel systems – providing engineering teams with an accurate snap-shot of the health of every machine they operate around the clock.

The ICM 4.0 features a reliable in-built wifi hub - enabling users to track the performance and contamination levels of every single machine they operate in real-time.

Results are automatically uploaded and can be monitored via a variety of different feedback channels including a new mobile app, the user’s own cloud systems, a secure web browser and sophisticated software suites created especially for the ICM 4.0 by MP Filtri to analyse both individual machine performance and the up-to-moment state of contamination for an entire facility.


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