Tadano Faun to launch 220 tonner

25 April 2008

New from Tadano Faun in Germany is a 220 tonne capacity all terrain crane,IC has exclusively revealed. The five axle ATF 220G-5 has a 68 m, seven-section telescopic boom that can be extended under partial load.

Its 220 tonne maximum capacity is at 2.5 m radius over the rear, while at 3.0 m it is 182.5 tonnes through 360 degrees. Preliminary information shows it will pick 30.4 tonnes at 20 m radius and 3.9 tonnes at 60 m and maximum counterweight is 71 tonnes. Boom extensions to 37.2 m are available with an integral 5.4 m offsettable heavy duty jib.

The two engine crane has Euro IIIA Mercedes Benz diesels - 150 kW in the upper and 390 kW in the carrier. Drive/steer is 10 x 8 x 8, maximum travel speed is 85 km/h and maximum gradeability is 61% on 16.00 R25 tyres. The transmission is a 16-speed ZF AS-Tronic with intarder and two stage transfer box. The carrier is 13.43 m long and the overall length is 15.11 m. It is 3.0 m wide on 16.00 R25 tyres.

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