Germany-based crane services company Autokrane Peter Klüsekamp has taken delivery of a new Tadano HK 4.050 1 truck mounted crane.

From left to right: Helge Prüfer, sales manager at Tadano and Peter Klüsekamp, managing director at Klüsekamp

This latest addition to the fleet aims to replace the companies Tadano HK 40.

The crane has already been put to work erecting prefabricated buildings.

Company owner Peter Klüsekamp said, “Firstly, this crane is just as maneuverable on its four axles as a three-axle all terrain crane. And secondly, it boasts outstanding lifting capacities. That makes it the perfect workhorse for us in our main area of business, prefabricated house construction.”

He added that as the crane is mounted on a standard Volvo truck chassis with conventional truck tyres, it offers low operating costs.

Another benefit is the ability of the truck crane to carry up to 4.5 tonnes of counterweight on public roads nationwide without a permit.

Sleeper cabin

When it came to optional extras, the company chose a boom head camera and sleeping cabin.

“For our prefabricated house construction customers, we work at sites all over Germany,” said Klüsekamp.

“So, during the working week, the HK 4.050-1 often doubles as our home away from home.”

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