Tata orders 1,200 Hiab cranes

By Alex Dahm27 August 2015

An order from Tata Motors India for 1,200 loader cranes gives a welcome boost to manufacturer Hiab.

Hiab, part of Cargotec Corporation and headquartered in Finland, will supply the 8 tonne-metre 088 series models for mounting on trucks built by Tata for the Indian Army. Tata Motors is India’s largest manufacturer in the sector. Deliveries will run from late in 2015 to the end of 2016.

The Indian Army initiated a tender to truck companies in 2009. Tata was one of five bidders and won the order for more than 1,200 army trucks with loader cranes. The trucks and the cranes were subjected to extensive testing and trials in various environmental conditions for a number of years, Hiab said.

Commenting on the deal S. Srinivas, Hiab GBO India, said: “Hiab has been working a long time with this Indian Army project and we are delighted that the Hiab cranes were chosen after having undergone stringent testing”.

The 088 series is designed for tough working conditions, the manufacturer said, and the cranes for this order are adapted to meet the Army’s requirements. Their application will be loading and unloading pallets, parts and other operational equipment, Hiab said.

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