The auctioneers voice

10 November 2009

Kelly Fischer is a specialist auctioneer of heavy plant, he works for Euro Auctions in Ireland, the UK and Germany but also travels the world bringing his specialist skill to auctions all over the world including Japan, Singapore, Dubai, Austrailia, Jakata and quite recently the Lebanon.

Mr Fischer said that he has noticed that with so many construction companies de-fleeting and equipment flooding the market prices had dropped between 30% and 40%. "It was hard to tell where the bottom would be," he said.

When dealers saw how low prices were they stopped selling, as they begin to rise again they have started marketing products again, "They use auction prices as a kind of barometer," said Mr Fischer.

All around the world Mr Fischer has observed that prices are fairly consistent the only exception being third world countries where prices, "were not already inflated."

Mr Fischer has been an auctioneer for 37 years, he believes that a good auctioneer must know the value of the equipment he is selling; must be focused and highly aware of what is going on during the auction, "And," he only halfed joked, "must have his own signature chant."

Over the years he has been an auctioneer, Mr Fischer believes the biggest changes have been brought on by technology, in particular, the internet, "It helps that bidders don't have to travel to be there," he said.

As the economy improves and, more specifically, infrastructure construction starts growing again, Mr Fischer believes the quantity of used machinery for sale will reduce. At the moment he thinks the best bargains are good quality cranes, "Cranes in the 25 t to 100 t bracket are dropping in price as quite a lot are coming on to the market out of Dubai and Asia."

He does have a warning, however, "There will come a time when we will be looking hard for auction pieces," he says, "prices will improve and vendors will sell used equipment direct."

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