Total Movements delivers for ADNOC

18 metre diameter 615 tonne vessel transported by Total Movements Total Movements transported an 18 metre diameter vessel weighing 615 tonnes from India to UAE. Photo: Total Movements

Indian specialist Total Movements handled a demanding transport of over dimensional cargo (ODC) from port in India to the project site in UAE.

The loads were large diameter and heavy refinery vessels. One of the vessels weighed more than 600 tonnes and was 18 metres in diameter. This meant a comprehensive inspection and technical study was done to plan the entire transport. Its diameter also meant a suitable vessel had to be found, one that could carry such large pieces. The same applied for the barges and tugs at the UAE end of the job.

Total Movements was available 24-7 for co-ordination and further risk was presented by the danger of cyclones. 

Commenting on the job a Total Movements spokesperson said, “Loading the ODCs weighing 615 tonnes and 361 tonnes, plus its accessories, onto the vessel at the load port in India, shipping from India to UAE, unloading and discharging the ODCs onto the barge, barging to the jetty near the project site, rolling off and transporting to the project site was all our scope of work.”

Total Movements is a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India.

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